Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 11, Sayı 88  2023/9  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
İbrahim Gökhan CEYLAN

NO Makale Adı

The advertisements prepared in different types in the mass media, which act as a bridge between the consumer and the product, position the persons as consumers not according to their own will, but based on the consciousness imposed by the advertiser. The most effective method for this positioning involves various illustrations intended to address the emotions of the child consumers with an open perception. In the product sections, we may sometimes come across the packagings supported by the illustrations, which solely target the sale and do not directly represent the product inside. To that end, first the subject was scrutinized from a theoretical perspective and then the uses of subliminal messages and unethical illustrations on the packaging designs were examined. As a result of the study, it was found out when the illustrations included on the packaging of many domestic and foreign brands were examined that the illustrations do not relate to the packaging contents and do not reflect the product, that the only concern of the illustrations is to convince the costumer into buying the product, and that the implicit messages, which would cause the child consumers to be negatively affected, are included in the illustrations. This study is important for heightening the awareness of the design students about the need to stay away from the misleading and negative messages and to sensitively approach the issue of the ethical violations when performing their works as well as heightening the awareness of the parental consumers about the unethical messages to which their children are exposed.
Keywords: Packaging, Ethics, Illustration, Advertisement, Subliminal Message