Ulakbilge - Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
Cilt 11, Sayı 81  2023/2  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )
Mustafa DENİZ, Nilgün KARACA, Osman YURTCU

NO Makale Adı

It is very important to have information about the general status of academic studies in the areas of decision-making styles of school administrators in terms of directing the future studies of researchers. The aim of this research is to examine the postgraduate theses on the decision-making styles of school administrators who contributed to the literature in Turkey between the years 2014-2022 and to present some suggestions with the findings. The research is a qualitative research based on document analysis for the examination of postgraduate theses. The sample of the research consists of 22 postgraduate theses on decision making styles of school administrators. Theses were reached by writing school administrators and decision-making words from the database of higher education institutions. The answers to the following questions were sought and analyzed in the theses: How is the distribution of graduate theses by years, What are the subjects of the studies on the decision-making styles of school administrators, what are the samples of the studies, what methods were used in the studies, which data collection tools were used and how these data were analyzed. The frequencies and percentages of the findings obtained as a result of the study were calculated and tabulated. The following findings were obtained: The busiest year in which school administrators' decision-making styles were investigated was 2019. No studies on this subject were found in 2020. It is seen that the researched postgraduate theses focus on emotion management as a subject. It is seen that the relational screening method is frequently used. It is seen that the relational screening method is frequently used. It is seen that random sampling is widely used in researches. It was observed that scale was used as a data collection tool, and frequencies and percentages were used in data analysis. Based on these findings, some recommendations were made.

Keywords: School Administrator, To ,Decide, Graduate Theses, Decision-Making Styles