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Cilt 11, Sayı 80  2023/1  (ISSN: 2148-0451, E-ISSN: )

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Jewelry is an ancient phenomenon that dates back to the time when man began to rule the earth. People who feel weak against nature, first started to use jewelry for totemic purposes. They moved the jewelry, which she started to use for totemic purposes, to another dimension with the discovery and processing of the mine, it brought together artists from different disciplines with the emergence of jewels with the glamorous splendor of the finest tastes throughout history. While observing the stages of jewelry and jewelery, which has been affected by social events such as scientific developments, geographical discoveries and various art movements, we can see that this process, which forms the basis of today's jewelry, is a part of its social history. Although jewelery changes with the trends and needs in clothing fashion, it has been given serious and important meanings in every age. The fact that humanism, which emerged especially in the Renaissance period, valued human beings as an individual, made the jewelry a part of the clothing by removing the jewelry from being merely the ornament of the ruler, and as the attention paid to the outer appearance of the person and the clothing. Thus, Renaissance jewelery and jewels have been revealed as a mirror reflecting social development as a document reflecting the artistic understanding of the period. We can read the most striking examples of renaissance jewelery and jewelery, which have few examples today due to fashion trends, economic and political reasons, from the paintings of the goldsmith-origin painters of the period. In this article, the jewelery and jewelery in the paintings of the painters of Italy and Italy Florence, when the Renaissance emerged, were examined, the artistic understanding of the period was researched, and the social, economic and cultural structure of the period was emphasized through the development stages of jewelry.
Keywords: Renaissance, Italy, Jewelry, Cellini